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                2017-01-03 14:59:46

                RODBOL was established in Chengdu, China in 2015. Our company is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of modified atmosphere packaging machine and in the lead in terms of structure, technology and quality of MAP.

                RODBOL dedicated to researching, promoting, developing, improving, innovating, disseminating and providing services in the area of packaging technologies.

                RODBOL can offer customers a extensive range of machines from a simple table top sealer to complete, fully automatic high speed lines, including Automatic drop tray, conveying, tray filling, film sealing, metal detection, Weighing and labeling. Applications include ordinary sealed packaging and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

                Our extensive R&D investment is directed at meeting the challenges of the fast-changing food industry around the globe.

                R&D Team

                In 2014, a team of high qualified professionals join us, as well as the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies, Our R&D department work to find answers to the requirements of the market, to build packaging lines with the mostdemanding quality criterion and to put the latest innovations at your service. We offer quality and extensive packaging solutions to a worldwide customer base and set standards with our work at all times with a main objective: creating sustainable prospects for customers, employees and our company. The highly experienced team at RODBOL ensures we remain at the forefront of technical advancement. We can provide you with perfect, individual support for your needs.  


                RODBOL is the leader in modified atmosphere packaging technology, creating a number of patented modified atmosphere packaging technology, such as inside cut technology and gas replacement technology

                We put great emphasis on extensive technical knowledge; application-oriented experience, cooperation with top-class suppliers and the ubiquitous use of high quality materials guarantee our prime RODBOL quality.

                For our customers, our products and processes are consistently tailored to the needs of our customers. We develop, produce and supply cutting-edge manufacturing and packaging solutions that offer real added value and unrivaled quality.

                For our employees, the skills and commitment of our employees form the basis of our success. Their motivation, continuous training and outstanding flexibility allow us to meet the growing demands of our international customers. The creation and long-term stability of our qualified, attractive jobs is, therefore, one of our major goals.

                CE mark

                All RODBOL MAP machines bear the CE mark. This guarantees that all our machines meet the valid product-specific European directives.


                We’re specialists in MAP quality assurance and control, service is outstanding too.  Our solutions are subjected to what are probably the most rigorous testing procedures in the business long before they reach you.

                We offer you custom, industry-specific machines and coordinated peripherals. In addition, we offer extensive support services from the first inquiry all the way to commissioning,We provide services ranging from routine maintenance of equipment to trouble-shooting and advising on QC and QA improvements.